Design Story Behind The Name. The contour Zephyr Light is inspired by smooth, curving lines of nature. Most visible is its back design. Some see a fin, while others see flower sterm in it. Yet, the chair blends into urban working environment effortlessly and as the name goes, Zephyr Light is all about wind-clad flowering design.

Chairs that support the natural movement of the body. Okamura office seating is designed to support and respond to the posture of any user. One example of this is the Ankle Tilt® reclining function. This pivots the chair at a point near the sitter’s ankle, enabling the back and seat of the chair to slide together.
This feature supports a natural posture, so there is no strain on the upper legs, even when the occupant reclines.
Another ergonomic feature is the ability to adjust the angle of the back and the position of the seat without getting out of the chair.

Zephyr Light Key Features

Zephyr Light follows Okamura Philosophy. Bring you a Total Ergonomic Satisfaction.

  • Fully ergonomic for any seated task Ankle Tilt® Reclining adapts to the body's natural movements.

it's product design for a good balance of ergonomics comfort and the design. If you want to make both factor happen at the same time, the answer is here, easily within your reach.

Zephyr Light : It's All about Back!

The aluminium bracket has sophisticated shine, and it covered with ABS glossy dressing board. Without being overly flashy, this creates a subtle, yet eloquent feel to your space. Not just easy on the eyes, the bracket holds BIFMA-approved strength.


  • Seat Height Adjustment can be raised or lowered 85 mm with a lever on the lower right side of the seat.
  • Seat Slide Adjustment can be adjusted 50 mm back or forth with a lever on the lower left side of the seat.
  • Reclining Adjustment. With the lever on lower left-hand side of the seat, sitters can adjust the reclining angle in five positions. The range of reclining can be adjusted smoothly.
  • Armrest Height Adjustment. Height of the chair's armrest can be adjusted in a 90 mm range by operating the lever underneath the arm pad.
  • Arm Pad Angle Adjustment can be adjusted to an inward angle and an outward angle. They gently support the entire forearm when using the computer and performing other tasks.
  • Arm Pad Foward/ Back Adjustment can slide foward and back 60 mm. The helps support the arms for less buildup of fatigue.
  • Lumbar Support. With these support, fatigue and stress on the hips and back can be reduced. Adjustment can be made up and down over a range of 500 mm.
  • Headrest Adjustment gently support the back of the head. It can be adjusted up and down to various angles.

8 Color for a Beautiful Addition To The Office

  • Cobalt
  • Ocean
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Stone
  • Wine
  • Gilt
  • Black

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