The grid pattern of "Visconte" has been inspired by the Japanese architectural from "Koshi". The traditional wisdom realized in this grid structure helps block the light gently and divide the space quietly. In Visconte, this grid patterned backrest offers a surprisingly soft sense of coziness. Once you sit down the comfort and performance of this new seating will be surely recognized.

3 Type Backrest Selection

Three type of backrest designs are available to meet every expected situation. They are environmentally friendly in design, with easily attachable and detachable functions.

  • Cushion - The basic design fits any conceivable workplaces.
  • Plain - The user may surely feel the softness of the backrest material.
  • Mesh - A single layer of mesh changes both the feeling and design.

Sustainably Designed

Visconte, for the greenest environmental workspaces.

Many components of Visconte can be attached, detached or replaced after arriving to users hand. There is no need to have overmuch features before needing those, nor to replace the whole chair before the end of its life. Instead of going to the grave, almost all of Visconte can be disassembled to single materials and send to recycling to rebirth.

Flexible Grid Back

The unique backrest of Visconte makes full use of our "Finite Element Analysis Technology". This innovative design has given birth dedicatedly to provide ergonomic comfort by fully utilizing the features of its material and computing physical load balance. By controlling the shape of the slots, the Flexible Grid Back holds where you need support, while streches where you need softness.

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