“European Style & Design”

As Verosol’s signature product. Pleated Blinds combine the soft appeal of a curtain with the versatility and simplicity of a blind. From sheer fabrics which preserve the view to blockout fabrics for seclusion, all pleated blinds reduce heat and glare whilst harmonising with the design of the room.

Both aesthetically pleasing and practical ... a complete solution Pleated blinds are not only the ideal solution for heat and light control but they almost disappear when raised.

Minimal light gaps also help to reduce glare. Pleated blinds present the most versatile solution to any window. All manner of shapes and orientation can be accommodated. From triangle to circles and skylights to conservatories; no situation is too challenging.

A Choice Of Transparency And Finish

With Verosol you don't need to lose a stunning view - simply select one of the more transparent fabrics. If night time privacy is a concern, select either non transparent or blockout fabric. Verosol's unique, ultra-fine metallised backing improves daytime privacy - you can see out but no-one can see in.

These fabrics also provide increased protection against heat and glare - your furniture is less likely to be damaged by harmful UV rays.

Verosol metal backed fabrics provide insulation in all weather, minimising the cost of maintaining comfortable home environment all year round.

Cleaning is also kept to a minimum, the anti-static fabric repels dust and dirt.

A Total Day/Night Solution

Two blinds in one, the Verosol Twin offers complete flexibility and function.

By combining two fabrics with different densities and transparencies into one blind, the Twin provides privacy, heat and glare protection without obscuring your view.

With Verosol's Twin Pleat - you can adjust the blind so that either fabric covers as much of your window as you choose. By day, you can optimise your view and by night, you can lower it.  Another very flexible solution.

A Blind for Every Window

Unusual windows are a feature in some of the most desirable homes.

All Verosol blinds are custom made to fit your windows - and that means windows of all shapes and sizes. As Verosol blind do not need to operate vertically, they are also perfect for sunrooms and skylights.

If you wish, your blinds can be motorized to open and close by radio remote control. Verosol motorized Pleated Blinds are easily integrated into most commercially available home automation and building management systems.

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