It captures the change, meet the stylish "professional stage".

It can respond quickly to change the layout. In addition, stylish and rich top plate variations, as well as to facilitate a flexible response to changes in the organizational structure, to help you comfortable in making response to the job and work style.
In addition, to be able to choose freely those suitable for your purpose and preference, I prepare a wide selection of storage and desk, and a panel. For worker, I will deliver easy to work, a comfortable space professional stage.



The Prostage desk system provides a variety of functions that support efficient and seamless work. This simple stylish form contains a wealth through out functions, such as v-shaped desk legs for easier floor maintanance.

THW 120 Degree Layout, ergonomically designed to conform to a worker's hand motion, achieves economy of desktop space (a shallow contour type).

Open-Space Layout For Manager

The system provides a relaxing space for communication to facilitate prompt, exact management work.

Teamwork and Communication-Enabled Layout

With this back-to-back layout, you simply face foward to concentrate on your work and turn around to communicate with team members. The height of the desktop panels is set at a height of 350mm. Above the desk surface to facilitate communication.


  • V-shaped legs of the Prostage Series adds a stylish, sharp touch to the office environment while giving due consideration to wiring maintain on the floor.
  • Free Access / Drop-in. There is a groove 32 mm in width between the back of the desktop and the front panel to neatly free access function.
  • Cross Wiring. A function for cross wiring to expedite wiring between desks is also available (side wiring opening : 32 mm (W) x 40 mm (H).
  • Longitudinal and Horizontal Ducts. The system is equipped with longtudinal ducts for the protection of wiring (standart equipment). The longitudinal ducts, made of transparenat materials, allow easy maintenance as the wiring inside the ducts is visible.

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