Concept = Kimono + Curves + Porosity

The soft flowing curves of the “ Porus” chair are inspired from the feminine beauty that originate in the traditional Japanese clothing “Kimono”.

The uniqueness of the kimono comes from the wrapping method of dressing and is in contrast to many western clothing to which I was accustomed. So it was a particular interest for me to see how to apply this concept within the chair structure. The gentle wrapping of fabric directly relates to the design of the frame structure which is subtly hidden by the mesh shell.

The result is a soft shaped back with sides that curls from back to front to create a continuous smooth form that conveys gentleness.

The name “ PORUS ” originates from the intelligent mesh back which again is influenced by the intricate patterns used to make kimono fabric. The lace like pattern also has functional use, one is from being porous and so improves breathability but another is the graded flexibility due to the gradual change in pattern design. The whole purpose is to gently conform to the users body much like kimono does.

Porus Key Features 1

  • Intelligent Mesh Back

The intelligent mesh back uses two patterns which gradually blend into each other to create a smooth transition from flexibility to more supportive areas. Smart Fit Reclining Mechanism

Porus Key Features 2

  • Smart Fit Reclining Mechanism

The resistance of reclining mechanism can automatically adjust to your body weight without complicated operation.

Color Variations

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