A design that pliably supports the sitter.

A small frame that contoured to the beautiful curves of the chair back. Sit, and the chair moves pliably to firmly support the hips. A style born of Okamura's obsession with studying the human body. Function and design become as one to give rise to such comfort.

Portone key Features


1. Reclining Tension Adjustment by rotating the dial located under the center of the seat. To harden the tension, rotate it clockwise and to lessen, turn it counterclockwise.

2. Lock and Release of Backrest can be locked and realeased by pulling out the lever located underneath the seat on the right-hand side. The backrest can only be locked when it's upright.

Adjustable Seat Depth. You can adjust the depth of the seat by operating the lever on the left of the seat (stroke : 55mm).

Adjustable Seat Height. The adjustment by pulling up the lever on the right side under the seat (stroke :120mm).

Adjustable Arms (3D Arms). The up and down (1D), angle (2D), back and forth (3D), positioning of the arm pads are adjustable. The respective movable ranges are 62 mm for up and down, 15 degrees for inside, 15 degrees for outside, 40 mm for back and forth.

Headrest Adjustment. The height can be adjusted by sliding up (stroke 50 mm).

Lumbar Support. It firmly grasped the lower back can be adjusted within a vertical range of 60mm to match your physical requirement.

Specifications - Styling Options

  • Extra HighBack
  • HighBack
Styling Options
  • Headrest : Adjustable / Without
  • Armrest : Adjustable / Without


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