Desking sytems that defines the beauty of being different Culture and character is distinctively unique in each business industry, organization and field. Manifold has a solution to almost any type of needs and challenges you face in everyday working environment. Manifold was created to make each of these unique distinctions shine through endless possibilities.

Manifold Key Features:

  • A basic structure for deployment in diverse applications.
    Manifold's basic structure is simple: options are attached to legs of various heights and widths according to working style. 
  • A structure designed for you to install the options easily.
    With multifunction type legs, working style determines the choice of options. Options are installed on a center rail.


Manifold's basic structure is simple: operation are attached to legs of various heights and widths according to working style.

Free Address

A change of seats brings a change of scene, providing a new prespective. With a fresh outlook everyday, new ideas and dynamic communication flow naturally.

Project Work

Appropriately sharing ideas is essential between project members. That's why we create an environment that encourages conversation and sharing of reference materials.


The nature of management level responsibility requires a certain degree of privacy and independence, yet at the same time the atmosphere must facilitate casual consultation in order for managers to grasp overall circumstances. Achieving both a private and a consultative setting ensures that operations go smoothly at the organisation.

Solo Work

Staff need a space where they can focus and get the job done.


To create an environment where staff can concentrate on their work, there is booth-type seating surrounded by panels to provide a composed setting.

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