Today’s office chairs demand more than functionality. Relaxed, residential-feel spaces create work environments where workers express themselves and thrive.
Lives Chairs bring a casual look to the office and are equipped with the state of the art features that employees have come to expect.

Lives Work Chair

Designed to fit in a café or in your living room, Work chair is equipped with essentials to keep a comfortable posture.

Lives Work Chair Features

  • Ergonomically Proven Comfort
    With Okamura's Original ankle-tilt reclining mechanism, the chair reclines back up to 15° and allows an upright work posture and a relaxed posture, an accessible without any stress on the body.
  • Uninterrupted Control
    All controls are placed under the right-hand side for intuitive and quick operation.
  • Color Play
    Two-toned fabric adds whimsical charm in the office space.

Lives Work Lounge Chair

The lounge chair is not only for relaxing. It’s designed to keep the lower body relaxed while maintaining the spine and neck upright for an ideal posture for work.

Lives Work Lounge Chair Features

  • Organic form
    The back is engineered to embrace the user's body and support the ideal posture when working.
  • Work veil creates greater focus
    The veil creates a sense of being in a quite spase as the veil helps to block out visual and acoustic distraction.
  • Tablet
    A surface large enough for a laptop that rotates 90°.

Chair Types

Lives Work Chair

- High Back 5-Star Base

- Low Back 5-Star Base

- Low Back Wood Base

Lives Work Lounge Chair

- Mid Back

- Extra High Back

- With Work Veil

Uphostery Options

Red Dot Award

Reddot Design Award in the Product Design Category. The award is highly regarded internationally and is made every year to outstanding and innovative designs around the world. It is sponsored by Germany's North-Rhine Westphalia Design Center which also sets the selection criteria. 

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