The Setup of Storage Units is Like The Build-up of Blocks.

Ideal for Your Filing Needs.

  • Bookcase with Steel Slide Doors - Easy to reach any items centered on the shelf. With three sliding doors.
  • Adjustable Shelves - Pitch 16mm, maximum loading capacity 40 kg.
  • Double Hinged Doors - Convenient access to files. The hinged doors open up to 180 degrees without blocking aisles.
  • Shelves Divider - With two size option 1050H or 1800H. The ideal of intended use and easy to accomodate.
  • Book Shelves - Simple design, perfect fit to various combination of 900w x 450D modules for any intended use.
  • Drawer Shelves - Takes full advantage of space with 2 access drawers underneath the shelves.
  • Lateral Filing Cabinet - It accomodates up to A4 size files. With three dividers per drawer. latched drawers remain closed in case of earthquake. Maximum loading capacity 40 kg.

Color Variation

  • Z 421 - White Standart Color
  • Z 40 - Beige Standart color
  • Z 113 - Black Custom Color

Assembly Combination

  • Top Panel
  • Side Panel
  • Back Panel
  • Bottom Panel

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