Hufcor Aluminum 5000R Series

Aluminum 5000R is an integral part of Hufcor’s product line which is the broadest available from any operable walls manufacturer. A strong, lightweight 6063-T6 architectural aluminum frame surrounds and protects the face of each panel and a 83mm (3 1/4”) thick Aluminum 5000R panel means less storage space. Its sophisticated vertical and horizontal seal systems create optimum acoustic separations with STC rating of up to 51. The top-hung Aluminum 5000R panels are available in heights of up to 5 meters (16 ft) without the need for floor tracks or floor guides.

Hufcor’s globally-proven multi-directional trolley systems create the easiest movement through turns and crosses to remote storage. And our quick-setting seal system creates the fastest operable wall setup and storage.

Aluminum 5000R Features

1. Operable top seal (available on all models) retracts for easy and smooth panel movement.
2. Interlocking vertical seals for superior acoustics.
3. Rigid, reinforced, non-deflection frame.
4. Faces of chipboard, steel or gypsum board that can be factory or field decorated. Laminated construction provides superior panel flatness and high-impact resistance.
5. Quick-setting seal operation (no tedious cranking).
6. Pressure-type retractable floor seal for superior acoustical performance.

Hufcor Aluminum 5000R Series Specification

Panel Construction

  • Panels are available in 83mm thickness to 1219mm in width.
  • Frames are made of clear anodized 6063-T6 architectrual aluminum, designed to capture and protect the edges of acoustical faces.
  • Optional upgrade :Electro-galvanized steel plate laminated to the gypsum board faces are available for extra panel surface protection againts rough use and abuse.

Seal System

  • Vertical sound seals are of "tongue and groove" interlocking aluminum profile incorporating vinyl acoustical seals..
  • Top and bottom horizontal seals can be operated simultaneously by a removable handle with a single crank action not requiring more than one turn on the spindle shaft,


  • Unfinished panels are available to accomodate field-applied finishing.
  • Vinyl wallpaper, laminates and fabric finishing are available from the manufacturer's standart list of finishes.

Suspension System

  • Track consits of clear anodized architectural-grade aluminum alloy 6063-T6. Track incorporates alignment pins for positive alignment, is utilized for optimum sound control, anf have integral support for adjoining ceiling, soffit or plenum sound barrier.
  • Track intersections must be designed and constructed to enable smooth operation. Track intersections made from the same architectural-grade extruded aluminum similar to the regular track without variation in texture and color.
  • Track carries are made with precision ground steel ball bearing wheels encased in molded polymer or precision steel tires to protect the running aluminum track surface.

Partition System

  • The lead panel has the option of being into an acoustical wall jamb or complete with balloon vinyl seal without the need of a wall jamb.
  • "Final closure" panel comes with an expandable jamb exerting a minimum of 110kg (250lbs) force to tighen the partition for optimum acoustics.
  • Single or doble inset pass door of the same panel thickness are also available without the need for protruding door hardwares. 


  • The partition system has been tested by a recognized independent acoustical laboratory to either ISO 140-3 or ASTM E90 standart for sound ratings.

Track Systems

A high quality track system ensures that Hufcor partitions will operate smoothly for years to come and assist in the quick set-up and storage of panels. All Hufcor tracks have been rigorously tested for a minimum of 100 miles (161 km), approx. 14 years of usage cycle time. Job requirements vary, which is why Hucor offers a wide selsction of tracks to meet your operating requirements.

1. Steel Track Systems.

Omni-Directional, Paired and Electrical Panels.

2. Aluminum Track Systems.

Omni-Directional, Paired Panels.

Operable Partitions Types

1. Omni-Directional Panels

Omni-directional panles provide the ultimate flexibility to your operations because each individual panel can easily turn around corners and move to alternate locations or remote storage. Therefore, many different storage layouts can be created to fit your floor design and layout.

2. Paired Panels

When remote storage is not required, the center-hung panels hinged in groups of two or three, are the ideal solution for quicker and easier set up, than omni-directional panels. Optional hinging is available to accommodate moldings or other decorations. Acoustical ratings are the same as omni-directional Panels.

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