Operable Glasswall

Operable Glasswall consists of 12mm tempered glass panels mechanically fastened to standard 100mm horizontal top and bottom aluminum rails. The rails are of clear anodized aluminum (Architectural-grade aluminum alloy 6063-T6, silver white). The glass has polished edges while vertical trim is an available option. Glasswall is the single glass omni-directional operable partitions, which brings daylight into indoor space creating a bright and spacious enviroment. It is also an eco-friendly solution to save lighting power and cost. Optional in-line pass doors are available on omni-directional models. Panels are shapped fully assembled.

Note: There will be a gap of 6-12mm between the glass panels when they are in place to prevent glass-to-glass contact. The gap varies due to glass industry tolerances.

Acoustic Operable Glasswall

Acoustic Operable Glasswall maintains the aesthetic appeal of glass while providing acoustic separation to 44 STC.
Acoustic glasswalls are available as single and paired panels only. They consist of glass surrounded with an aluminum frame that is nominal 83mm thick. Each panel has top sweep seals and a 25mm clearance bottom retractable seal that exerts downward force. The standard aluminum frame finish is clear anodized but it may also be ordered powder coated or custom anodized.

Features & Benefits

  • It contains of single glass omni-directional operable partitions
  • it saves lighting power and cost.
  • it offers in-line pass doors for option.

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