"Multi-Purpose Flip-top Table Suitable For Training and Higher Education".

New folding table Flaptor is designed as parallel nesting table. It realizes space saving and beautiful storing. Square pipes used for leg and frame creates Luxurious design image. It also contribute to stability and toughness. Flaptor is fit for not only office applications also in public conference space, higher education, and more.

Tabletop Color :

  • White.
  • Neo-wood Light.

Specifications :

  • Single motion flip-up mechanism.
  • Horizontal nesting.
  • Level adjustable casters.
  • Sophisticated square pipe design.
  • 60 kgs load-bearing capacity on tabletop (uniformly distributed weight).

Environmental aspects :

Developed and manufactured through an ISO 4001 managed operation.

Main components are labeled and easy to disassemble to aid recycling.

Materials :

  • Tabletop surface : Laminated melamine.
  • Tabletop core : Particle board.
  • Tabletop edge : ABS.
  • Legs : Steel.
  • Modesty panel : PP.
  • Modesty edge : ABS.

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