Since 2002, Contessa has set the standard for seating in office spaces around the world.
Now, she is reborn as Contessa Seconda.
Contessa Seconda unites the flowing, organic lines and charm of the original with new engineering and functionality.
With more color options for the mesh, fabric, and frame. All to meet the demands of the modern work style.
Contessa Seconda is the evolution of an icon — for the workplace of today, and of tomorrow.

4D Smart Operation

Smart operation, now in 4D

> Reclining Adjustment : Lock and unlock the backrest, alternating between a free recline and one of five pre-set tension gradations, all using the lever in the left armrest.

> Seat Height Adjustment : Adjust the chair height, within a range of 435 to 545 mm, using the lever in the right armrest.

> Reclining Tention Adjustment : Choose from four tension adjustment pre-sets to suit any body shape and posture - all from a dial under the seat.

>Armrest Adjustment : Adjustable arms can be adjusted in four dimensions: height, depth, width, and angle — enabling the most comfortable elbow support for the various tasks at hand.


The backrest frame has been streamlined to create a slimmer aesthetic, with an increased flexibility that gently follows the natural movement of the body — without any sacrifice of support.

Seat Frame

For added stability, the mesh seat frame is now constructed in a one-piece ring structure with soft edges, ensuring improved weight-distribution and comfort.


Okamura’s unique Multiple Density Cushion utilizes three types of urethane foam, of varying firmness layered together, to promote healthy sitting. The cushion provides softer support at the front of the seat, reducing pressure on the thighs for improved circulation; denser cushioning at the back firmly supports the hips for stability and improved posture.

New Luxe-touch Mesh

For years, Okamura has made beautiful, tacticle mesh for its seating by intertwining luxe-touch and strechable, strong threads. Contessa Seconda featured an upgraded mesh , that is more permeable and lighter in weight for the backrest, and a new luxe-touch mesh for the seat. Modern colors an a new white-frame option make it even easier to coordinate with a wide variety of spaces.

Ankle-tilt Reclining

An ankle-tilt mechanism enables anyone to find his or her most comfortable reclining position. Using the ankle as a pivot point, this mechanism moves in sync with the seat, for greater support — stimulating variation in posture and relaxation, with uninterrupted comfort.


  • Engineered for modern offices
    Built to new strength standards, to meet the requirements of today’s task chairs.

  • Personal comfort
    Okamura leverages its world-renowned technology for comfort and a superb fit to every body.

  • New colors and frame options
    Available in an exciting, industry-leading yet refined palette. A white frame option is also newly available.

  • Extended line-up for any space
    The full range of Contessa Seconda caters to conference rooms, meeting areas, touch-downs, and task applications.


  • Reddot Award 2017 in the Product Design Category. The award is highly regarded internationally and is made every year to outstanding and innovative designs around the world. It is sponsored by Germany's North-Rhine Westphalia Design Center which also sets the selection criteria. 

  • Giugiaro Design. Located in the suburbs of Torino Italy, Giugiaro Design was founded byGiorgetto Giugiaro in 1981 and its engineering/industrial design division is leading the engineering design of the world.

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