An Inspiring Creative Statement

As its name suggests, the Contessa is designed to be sophisticated and elegant. This stylish chair is extraordinarily comfortable due to its soft mesh and “Smart Operation” ergonomics which respond and adapt to your posture. The Contessa is also available in a variety of vibrant colors to suit any work environment.

Ergonomics Concept

The Contessa series features comfortable seating and a synchro-reclining mechanism, as well as Okamura's own "Smart Operation" that enables user to make adjustments to match the user's natural posture while sitting. Levers at the front of the armrests adjust the seat height and reclining angle, achieving a level of comfort and the ease of use is far superior compared to other office chairs.

  • Backrest Reclining angle up to 26 inches.
  • Reclining angle in free locking or five favorite angles.
  • Seat height up to a maximum 130mm.
  • The ratchet-style armrest up to 100mm.
  • The arm pods up to 20" inward plus 10" outward for comfortable elbow support.
  • The seat slide 50mm backward or foward.
  • The Rocking resistance dialable to meet your body shape.
  • The Limber support backward and foward up to 15mm.
  • A newly developed mesh reduced fatigue from long hours of work.
  • Large-diameter 75mm castor to minimize resistance when moving.
  • The headrest to fit your favorite and most relaxing position of the neck.
  • An optional hanger is available for stylish hanging your jacket.

Contessa Colors and Materials

Mesh and fabric are available in 10 color variations. What's more, you can coordinate frame, body, and seat color to create your unique color combination.

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