Clean Design and Simple Operation.

Mesh Seating Equipped with The Basics.

CG-M is a mesh chair designed for comfort with origins in Okamura's distinctive ergonomic designs. The clean design and pleasant seating experience of CG-M is sure to please office workers around the world.

CG-M Key Features

The backrest is designed to support the natural S Shape curve of the spine and to relieve strain on the lower back. The 'multi-density cushion' optimally distributes body weight between the thighs and the hips. CG-M is equipped with basic functions that support an ideal, well balanced posture.

Specification 1

Multi-density Cushion.

  • The cushion seat is made up of polyurethane foam in three varying densities. The Soft part at the front of the seat reduces pressure placed on the thighs and the harder part at the back of the cushion firmly supports the hips

Specification 2

Seat height adjustment.
  • The lever on the left-hand side underneath the seat adjusts the seat height from 385mm(15 1/4") to 477mm(18 7/8") in 92mm(3 5/8") increment.

Specification 3

Backrest reclining and tension adjustment.
  • Leaning against the backrest engages the reclining mechanism. The pivot of the backrest is located in the front of the chair and synchronizes the movement of the backrest and the user's body for comfort. The reclining tension can be adjusted using the handle located underneath the backrest on the rear of the chair.


Customization Option
  • Backrest cushion cover: elastic mesh or upholstered
  • Body color: Black or White
  • Armrests: Adjustable / Fixed / Armless
  • Coat hanger

Live Stimulation

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