A concoction of elegance and strength – ARTEMIS cubicle systems were created. It is the epitome of modern restroom cubicle designs through its integration of mirrors within a sturdy and robust pilaster. Ease of maintenance is meticulously taken care of with its streamline designs as well as a world class appearance.

Doors All Doors shall be of 12mm thick HPL compact board with chamfered edge. Each will be supported by 3 Bacchus Hinges affixed to the pilaster, completed with BacchusCoat Hook & Lock Set.

Pilasters All Pilasters shall be of powder-coated ALuminum Grade 6063-T5, Centre Plaster - 192mm x 56mm x 5mm. End Plasters - 96mm x 56mm x 5mm. All plasters will be suspended from the wall mounted Top Rail and section fixed with a galvanized steel plate.

Intermediate Partitions All Intermediate Partitions shall be of 12mm thick HPL compact board with Aluminium U-channel, 27 x 26.5mm x 1.2mm (cross-section dimension, L x W x Thk), affixed at its ends (to the wall and pilaster).

Top Rail Heavy-duty Galvanized Steel Rectangular Hollow Section, 6000mm x 50mm x 100mm x 4.5mm (cross-section dimension L x D x H x Thk), act as a Top Rail shall be concealed by false ceiling and secured to the wall using Galavized Steel Plaster Bracket. There will be an extra support at the joint part if cubicle row >/ 8000mm in length.


  • Length of top and bottom capping acan adjust to customer's preference.
  • Depth of infill materials can be adjusted to customer's prederence subjected to thickness of infill materials selected.
  • Infill can be designed to be removeable without affecting the Pilaster profile subjected to infill materials selected.
  • LED and other electric components can be housed within the Pilaste rprofile subjected to size of components.

Compartment’s Dimension The recommended restroom cubicle size: 850 ~ 900mm by 1500 ~ 1800mm by 2500mm (W x D x H).

  • Visible height of restroom compartment measured from FFL to the top of the Top Rail is 2129mm.
  • Door size shall be between 600mm ~ 700mm in width.
  • Door size shall be between 800mm ~ 1000mm in width for ambulant restroom.

Installation Installation will be executed under the supervision of BESCO™’s site supervisor(s) and shall be carried out in accordance with BESCO™ installation instructions.


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