This stylish ‘free-floor’ concept cubicle design attracts the attention of its users by its light-weighted appearance that does not compromise to its performance. The weight of the cubicles is transferred to the ceiling supported by the box up fixture. With the absence of supporting legs, maintenance of the toilet is remarkably easy.

Doors All Doors shall be of 12mm thick HPL compact board with chamfered edge. Each will be supported by 3 Stainless Steel Hinges affixed to the pilaster, completed with Stainless Steel Coat Hook and Stainless Steel Door Knob.

Pilasters All Pilasters shall be of 12mm thick HPL compact board with chamfered edge, completed with Stainless Steel Thumbturn for locking doors. 

Intermediate Partitions All Intermediate Partitions shall be of 12mm thick HPL compact board with Aluminium U-channel, 25 x 16.5mm x 1mm (cross-section dimension, L x W x Thk), affixed at its ends (to the wall and pilaster).

Top Rail Mild  Steel rectagular Hollow Channel, 100mm x 50mm x 4,5mm (cross-section dimension, L x W x Thk) shall be anchored to the wall as the support structure.

Accessories Each restroom cubicle will be equipped with the following accessories:

  • BESCO™ Stainless Steel Door Knob of Ø42mm with recess.
  • BESCO™ Stainless Steel Thumbturn with occupancy indicator.
  • BESCO™ Stainless Steel Coat Hook with rubber stopper allow loads up to 25 kg.
  • BESCO™ Stainless Steel Hinges with cover, adjustable from fully close to open at interval of 15°.
  • BESCO™ Stainless Steel Box Up with height 100mm and brushed finish.

Compartment’s Dimension The recommended restroom cubicle size: 800 ~ 900mm by 1500 ~ 1800mm by 2400mm (W x D x H).

  • Visible height of restroom compartment measured from FFL to the top of the Top Rail is 2400mm.
  • Door size shall be between 600mm ~ 700mm in width for standart cubicles.
  • Door width clearance shall camply with BCA's Code on Accessibility in the built Environment 2013 for the following : 
  1. Ambulant WC Compartment : minimum 800mm
  2.  Accessible WC Compartment :minimum 850mm

Colours BESCO™ recommends that the System shall be of a single colour. Colour differences from Doors, Pilasters and Intermediate Partitions are available upon request. 

Installation Installation will be executed under the supervision of BESCO™’s site supervisor(s) and shall be carried out in accordance with BESCO™ installation instructions.

Part Numbers

1. SS Door Knob with recess (dia-42mm)

2. SS Coat Hook (w/cover)

3. SS Tri Base Coat Hook

4. SS Thumbturn (w/occupancy indicator)

5. SS Lock Set (w/occupancy indicator)

6. SS Hinges

7. SS Ambulant hinge

8. SS Box Up

9. SS U-channel (2200mm)

10. Black Rubber Sponge (1860mm)

11a. Steel Rectangular Plate

11b. Mild Steel Rectangular Channel (6000mm)

12. Alu L-Angle (4880mm)

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