DORIC Door system is a design solution to be installed in an environment whereby the partitions of the cubicles are made of preconstructed walls. Without having the need to remove the existing walls, the accessories provided in this system enable the fastest and easiest installation method in such a situation.

Doric Door replace the doors of traditionally made restrooms with masonry walls. This model is particularly suitable for renovation projects using existing intermediate brick walls. Manufactured as per IS-2046, they are made of 12 mm thick Merino compact grade solid phenolic board.

Doors All Doors shall be of 12mm thick HPL compact board with chamfered edge. Each will be supported by 3 Stainless Steel Hinges affixed to theD-post, completed with Nylon Coat Hook, Nylon Door Knob and Nylon Lock Set.

Accessories Each restroom cubicle will be equipped with the following accessories:

  • BESCO™ Nylon Door Knob of Ø50mm with recess.
  • BESCO™ Nylon Lock Set with accupancy Indicator.
  • BESCO™ Nylon Coat Hook with/out rubber stopper allow loads up to 20 kg/ 15 kg respectively.
  • BESCO™ Nylon Hinges with 3 choices of standart, gravity-to-open or gravity-to-close.
  • BESCO™ Hinge Adapter, use together with the hinge.

Compartment’s Dimension The recommended restroom cubicle size: 800 ~ 900mm by 1980  (W x D x H).

  • Visible height of restroom compartment measured from FFL to the top of the D-post is 1980mm.
  • Door size shall be between 600mm ~ 700mm in width.

Finishes BESCO™ recommends that the System shall be of a single colour. Colour differences from Doors, Pilasters and Intermediate Partitions are available upon request. 

Installation Installation will be executed under the supervision of BESCO™’s site supervisor(s) and shall be carried out in accordance with BESCO™ installation instructions.

Part Numbers

1. Nylon Door Knob (dia-50mm, pair)

2. Nylon Lock Set ( w/occupancy indicator) 

3. Nylon Coat Hook

4. Nylon Coat Hook (w/rubber stopper)

5. Nylon Hinges

strong>6. Nylon Hinges Adaptor 

7. D-post End Capping

8a. D-post (3660mm)

8b. D-post Rubber Lining (1830mm)

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