Creating a Better Environment

is a logical extension of our mission as a company, which is to support sustainable environments, where people can live and work comfortably. 

This has always been at the heart of all our activities. From the very beginning, our products have been designed to contribute to significant energy savings and a comfortable environment.


  • Energy is used in an efficient way and should come from renewable sources product.
  • Waste, water usage, and pollution should be minimized.
  • Factories and offices are operated in a controlled and sustainable way.


  • Product performance (energy savings, thermal comfort, visual comfort) is our tangible and very significant contribution to sustainable offices and homes of those who have chosen to use our products.
  • Design should be centred around sustainability, i.e. the selection of material, ease of reuse/recycling, durability and attractiveness.
  • Life Cycle Assessment is our integrated, tangible, approach to assess the impact of our products on the environment.
  • Certifications from independent sources to back up our efforts.


  • Commitment of our people is how we believe we can reach our sustainability goals. We aim to create sustainable relationships, actively encourage personal development, supported by training and coaching.
  • Innovation of products, processes, and the way we do business supports our vision on sustainability. We are the innovation leaders in our industry.
  • Socially responsible business practices, including health & safety, are considered core elements of sustainability at Verosol.
  • Communication to our Stakeholders is vital to create involvement and excitement.

Green Certificates

  • Green Building Council Australia.
  • Green Building Council Indonesia.


Providing trustworthy interior products while maintaining lasting relationships with excellent and professional services to our clients throughout Indonesia.

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